Вонреден професор д-р Ристе Попески-Димовски


My inspiration: You know it’s a good day, when you go to work in the morning and you see the smiling faces of your students eager for knowledge. To be able to teach them something, to ignite their curiosity and reveal to them a new secret of physics and science. 

My prospects: Humanity must go forward. The understanding of science, the mysteries of the universe and our planet alike, are to be used in global prosperity. Science needs to release everyone from the grasps of capitalism, wealth injustice, and inability to have access to clean water, pure air, free food and free energy. 

My hoby: How fast can you develop and implement an experimental setup from scratch? :)

My teaching: My main subjects are soft condensed matter and biophysics. As assistant professor, I teach the courses of spectroscopy, biophysics and physics for biologists at the Institute of Physics. I teach experimental and theoretical laboratory courses in spectroscopy, biophysics, molecular physics and mechanics.

My scientific techniques and experiences:    Scanning electron microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Material surface preparation, Optical microscopy, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray photon emission spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, Surface properties of liquids, Gel permeation chromatography and dynamic light scattering, Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, Furrier transform infrared imaging, Spectroscopic material characterization.


2016.June-July   - IOM-CNR (TASC) - Area Science Park, Trieste Italy

2015.June - Institute of Physics, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

2014.May-June - IOM-CNR (TASC) - Area Science Park, Trieste Italy

2012.April-May - IOM-CNR (TASC) - Area Science Park, Trieste Italy

2010.Feb.-March - Polymer Department, Hatchettpet University, Ankara, Turkey

2009.Sept. - Ruger Boskovoich institute in Zagreb, Croatia

2008.May. - Ruger Boskovoich institute in Zagreb, Croatia

2008.March-April - Polymer Department, Hatchettpet University, Ankara, Turkey

2007.Oct - Physics Institute in Zagreb, Croatia

2007.July - Manchester university under Super NEMO project, Manchester, United Kingdom

Трудови и конф.

- International conference on education for natural sciences and mathematics - Skopje, Macedonia, March 2018 - Organizer

- EPS Committee of European Integration, Meeting with Selected Member Societies, Bucharest, Romania, 2017 - Representative of Society of Physicst of Macedonia

- 7-h International Symposium on IN SiItu NUclear MEtrology as a tool for radioecology INSINNUME 2017 - Ohrid, Macedonia, 2017 - Organising committee, Participant, 

- November the Science Month - Skopje, Macedonia 2016  - Organising committee, oral presentation

- International conference on Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry, Dubai, UAE, 2016 - Oral presentation

- 11th Conference of the Society of physicists of Macedonia, Ohrid, Macedonia 2016- Organiszin committee, participant, 

- LIGHTTalk, Power of Photonics event in Macedonia 2016 (Skopje and Bitola), Organizer and oral presentation

- Integrating Access to Pan-European Research Infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe (INARIE), workshop, Debrecen, Hugary 2015 - Participant

- 9th conference of the Balcan Physics Union - Istanbul, Turkey, 2015- Poster presentations, organizing committee

- 9th Conference of the Society of physicist of Macedonia 2012, Ohrid, Macedonia, 2012 - Oral Presentation

Др. активности

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